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Month: February 2016

Stills That Promote Your Show

Photography is a soaring business in today’s market-based economy. Photographs are serving as the tools of advertising and marketing of any brand, product or services. These photos are being used in billboards, banners, posters, leaflets, magazines, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements and wherever it is possible to use it for advertising. So, commercial photographers are highly in demand in the business sector in recent times.

When it comes to the world of entertainment, we think of the T.V. and film industry where the need of a production photographer has never faded away since the advent of film making. No matter how technologically advanced the movie industry has become, the relevance and effectiveness of film stills have remained intact. These stills are taken during the production of a T.V. show or a movie on or off the shooting set to promote the show or movie and the stars or debutant actors to attract public attention through their publication in the newspapers or magazines, way before the release of the show or the movie. There can be no better way to promote and advertise a film than to reveal the unseen, off the set photos that have been captured during the production.

A production photographer has never gone out of fashion; rather, in present times, the need of such commercial photographers is huge, not only in the T.V. or film sector, but also in the stage theatre productions and the productions of big musical concerts, dance shows, and opera shows too.

They capture the moments from the pre-production rehearsals and practice sessions, the moments when the actors or the artists take a break from the schedule and spend some time gossiping and giggling among themselves, or maybe reading a book, smoking a cigarette, or sipping away a cup of tea or coffee to relax a bit. The photographer also takes snaps of the cast and crew together in a group during the production. These photos hold immense importance in creating an impact in the audience’s mind as they wait more eagerly for the upcoming release.

In post-production photography, the photographer sets the studio and asks the actors or artists to deliver different and specially tailored poses to the camera. These photos are generally sent to the newspapers or magazines for publicity. They are also used in the banners and the posters of the film or the show after the required editing and touch-ups are done.

Skilled photographers working in the production photography genre must possess all the technical knowledge about the different lenses, studio set up, lights, and the angles. They must also be efficient in editing and enhancing the photograph. A working experience in the Photoshop software is very useful in this case.

Photography and Aerial Videography Made Easy


Whirr aerial attack was introduced in the battle by the Americans in Afghanistan to eradicate the terrorists. The whirr aerial attack do not contain any human, it is remote controlled.

Now the same principle could be applied in aerial photography and filming. Drone hire for photography is much cheaper than filming done by a helicopter. It is much more edifying, suitable, safe, transportable and quicker to set up connections.

Drone photography or filming has enormous benefits and advantages. Let us discuss some of the benefits of photographing or video filming done by using whirr aerial method.

We all want to complete our assignments within our budget. The movie producers and directors also want their films to be completed within the stipulated time and within their budget. If the aerial filming shots are done by using drone hire, the producer pays 5 times lesser than shooting the same shots by using a helicopter. The drones are smaller in size and so filming indoor shots are made easy. The whirr is an electrically powered machine; hence no question of pollution arises. Yes, it does make a whirling sound so if you want you can choose an indoor drone zeppelin.

Both drones and helicopters are necessary for cinema photography and they are frequently used by the movie makers worldwide. They can produce spectacular and overwhelming footages which we enjoy on a big screen. But helicopter shootings are expensive, whereas shooting footages from drones are much cheaper and easier. Therefore, the film makers trust whirr aerial shootings for their films as it is much flexible, suitable, adaptable and at the same time very much cost-effective.

The helicopter emits sound and pollution both creates uneasiness for us, whereas, the drone’s sound could be reduced by using blimp and it does not emit any kind of pollution as it is electrically powered. A helicopter will consume approximately 120 to 129 liters’ of fuel per hour. This is why aerial photography and filming becomes costly. Get to know how you can record good films by the use of quality equipment, get to know one right here

It is easy and convenient to use, as you don’t have to hire a pilot and pay extra charges. Just employ your team members to do the aerial shootings. It could be set-up within 10 minutes and you can start shooting all the necessary aerial shots required for the film. It could be carried to any place for shooting, including tight locations. It could serve as an alternative to crane, jib and cable camera.

It is lesser disturbing than a helicopter and the voice recordings could be done at ease. It does not create bursting sound like a helicopter. It is a very safe and reliable gadget and it could be used anywhere as it is portable in nature. It just weighs 20 kg and two persons can easily carry it.

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